Fresh Air, Secure Air

Avata is not your regular Air Purifier. Powered by ZeBoxTM , the world's most advanced air sterilisation technology, Avata destroys all airborne microorganisms. With a decade of Research and extensive scientific validation, protect your Home and Loved Ones with Avata!


Powered by ZeBoxTM Technology

Eliminating >99.999% of all airborne microorganisms, including SARS-CoV-2

3-layer Filtration

with Ze-HEPA, Active Carbon filter and pre-filter captures 99.97% of ultra-fine particles

Powerful Airflow Circulation:

effectively covers rooms up to 42 m² and distributes clean air in every corner of the room.

Low Energy Consumption

The energy efficient Avata, runs at max. 56 W power. This is less than 1 ceiling fan!

Real Time Air Quality

Measure what you are breathing, with real-time air quality sensor

Made for small spaces like car, bedrooms, washrooms etc.


Powered by Biomoneta with ZeBox™

Synergistically combines Patented Nano-textile materials with Power Electronics, to trap and eliminate microorganism from free-flowing air. Developed over a decade of extensive research, the award-winning, patented ZeBoxTM technology destroys germs in homes, hospitals, clinics, etc.

Developed in India, backed by Government of India and India’s Top Accelerator

Avata Home ensures every breath that you take is safe!

Scientifically Validated

Decade of R&D

Clinically Tested

Best-in-class Efficiency

Loved by 150+ people