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Avata is not your regular Air Purifier. Powered by ZeBoxTM , the world's most advanced air sterilisation technology, Avata destroys all airborne microorganisms. With a decade of Research and extensive scientific validation, protect your Home and Loved Ones with Avata!

Take care of your loved ones, made especially for the elderly and vulnerable people!

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Powered by ZeBoxTM Technology

Eliminating >99.999% of all airborne microorganisms, including SARS-CoV-2

3-layer Filtration

with HEPA, Active Carbon filter and pre-filter captures 99.97% of ultra-fine particles

Powerful Airflow Circulation

effectively covers rooms up to 450ft² and distributes clean air in every corner of the room.

Low Energy Consumption

The energy efficient Avata, runs at max. 56 W power, lesser than a ceiling fan!

Real Time Air Quality

Measure what you are breathing, with real-time air quality sensor

Help them grow better, made especially for children

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Avata Home ensures every breath that you take is safe!
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Scientifically Validated

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Decade of R&D

best air purifier for cancer patients

Clinically Tested

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Best-in-class Efficiency

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Loved by hundreds of people

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Powered by Biomoneta with ZeBox™

Synergistically combines Patented Antimicrobial Surface with Power Electronics, to trap and eliminate microorganism from free-flowing air. Developed over a decade of extensive research, the award-winning, patented ZeBoxTM technology destroys germs in homes, hospitals, clinics, etc.


Trusted by hundreds of people!

Few reviews from customers of Biomoneta
"This device sitting inside her room, has kept my sick mother infection-free and also extends its aid to my family as well. We are very, very thankful to Biomoneta, go ZeBox!” 
Anand Anandkumar
"Recently, a loved one was recovering from a stroke. We wanted to create a sterile environment, given the pandemic. By using a couple of devices of Biomoneta, we were able to provide a safe environment free from viruses, bacteria and fungi.” 
Avinash Aradhya
Partner, Impres Health
The air quality in an IVF lab is extremely important, because the embryos are delicate, vulnerable and need to be pampered. Biomoneta's ZeBox air decontamination device ensures optimal air quality in our lab, as a result of which the embryos are thriving. Other advantages of ZeBox include it's compact size.
Dr. Sai Prasad Gundeti
Chief Embryologist, Malpani Infertility Clinic
"We have been using the ZeBox for about 3 months now and we have actually tested it in certain areas of the hospital- the OPDs, ICUs, wards. We took pre-swab testing samples and air-exposed plates as well and we are happy to say that we have seen a reduction of about 90% of germs, between pre and post usage of ZeBox.” 
Dr. Natesh Bala
Vice President, Rigid Lifeline Hospitals
"I learnt about ZeBox by Biomoneta when I was Chairman of a Comittee evaluating innovations. it was obviously very impressive.Subsequently, we got one unit and tested it in our company. The product achieved its potential of reducing the viral load, fungaland bacterial load in the room by over 99% in a short span of 120
Alok Shriram
CEO, DCM Shriram industries ltd.
"The decontamination device was placed in Pandorum's R&D scale manufacturing unit where an implantable medical device was under pre-clinical development and creating a sterile workplace was a mandate. Biomoneta deployed their novel air-decontamination technology to create the sterile environment required. The overall microbial load reduced by approximately 100 times.” 
Dr. Muthu Dhandapani
Senior Manager, Pandorum Technologies

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